Perfection. Keep it up.

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Like the old days of the Door but edgier.

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I go back to the earliest days of the Door. I appreciate satire, poking fun to bring awareness of hypocrisy, and just plain mind numbing denseness. This had the potential to be good but goes a little too far. Loved paragraph 3. "vegan bakery burned down during the peaceful George Floyd protests of 2020" too one side politically. Maybe "burned down as a part of community driven urban improvement" or something along those lies would be better. "He is currently awaiting a prompt dismissal of charges from a progressive district attorney" also a little too one sided. How about his congregation is praying, to whom they do not know' for a complete dismissal of charges." "Sexual Acts of The Apostles” Could be better and more realistic as "the Great Sexual acts of the Bible, Volumes 1&2".

Be careful, even we Door Disciples have our limits.

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