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Episode 2 - Wayne Rice

Episode 2 - Wayne Rice

The Wittenburg Door Podcast

In this podcast Murray and Gus have the pleasure of chatting with Wayne Rice.

Wayne Rice along with Mike Yaconelli, were the originators of Youth Specialties and The Wittenburg Door back in 1971. We take a little trip down memory lane and catch up a little.

He is still actively involved in ministry working with The Legacy Coalition and the Legacy Coalition Summit , billed as the only national conference on Christian grandparenting. ( Oct 20-22, 2022 ) It was such a pleasure to speak with Wayne. I hope he’ll come back more often to share his insights, wisdom, and some laughs, even if we confuse him a little.

Oh, and he’s quite the banjo player and bluegrass fanatic. Maybe we’ll jam sometime.

To keep up with all of Waynes activities, check him out on his personal website. as well as his written works HERE.

Wayne Rice on left with Dr Schaeffer at a National Youth Workers Convention 1971.

Kudos on that mustache sir !

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